Great Smokies Creations is a major frame shop, an expansive fine-art gallery, and a large-format, giclèe printing service located in Balsam, just west of Waynesville, NC, where I live. They have carried my large, framed canvas prints for two years. Last year about this time I had the responsibility for setting up their printing business, which I’m pleased to report is going well, meeting the needs of a wide range of local artists, photographers, and the public. A prime reason for GSC’s success is photographer Lori Johnson, a Certified Photoshop Professional, whose knowledge and attention to detail result in consistently accurate reproductions of artists’ original works. I can tell you that is a very specialized skill set that is not easy to find. For sure, there are a great many easier ways to make a living.

I’m also pleased to to announce that GSC has recently added about 50 of my smaller (5×7) prints to their collection. What makes these special, I think, is the distinctive presentation— the image appears to be floating inside the mat. You can see pictures of all 50 framed prints in a slideshow format here. (Note: The slideshow and video were produced by the well-known Western North Carolina painter, photographer and videographer, Michael M. Rogers. Be sure to visit Michael’s website. I know you’ll be impressed with his art and versatility.)

The experienced GSC staff did their usual excellent job with the multi-step matting and framing process (the image must be precisely centered for maximum effect). Lori Johnson’s photographs of the finished products are first-rate, as always.

Here are four of Lori’s pictures showing all three available frame styles at the $59 price. I am very pleased with the results, although it is important to note that a two-dimensional photo, even a very good one, cannot do justice to the three-dimensional, floating-in-space effect. To me, this tasteful presentation adds value to my images. So if you have a chance, please stop by GSC and ask to see some of these unique pieces.

Here are four of my framed, floating images that I stole from their blog site.

RL_1713s-2 RL_1714bl RL_1717blRL_1707br