I’m drawn to reflections in still water. Combine them with dramatic skies, which also fascinate me, and I’m in my photographic element. Add mountains in the background, and I can’t restrain myself.

Few places offer more of those elements than Lake Junaluska, just down the road from our home in Waynesville. Barbara owns a home at the lake where we stayed for our first two summers after we married in 2001. We are seriously considering moving to that little house when the time comes to downsize. It is hard to find a more tranquil setting.

In the meantime, I keep an eye on the sky, especially around sunset; and when it looks promising, the lake is one of the first places I go with my camera.

So over the years I have captured quite a few “reflective moments” at Lake Junaluska, which I am pleased to share with you today.

I’ll be doing a similar project at my website that will include all my best water reflections. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Anyway, hope you enjoy these.


Lake Junaluska Sunset







Junaluska Clouds